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Strategic Vitality, LLC – Corporate Profile

Founded in 2005, Strategic Vitality LLC (SVLLC) is a consulting practice focusing on collaborative strategic planning and “creative consensus-building”. SVLLC, using a joint venture approach with other consultants, is an experienced designer/coordinator of organization-wide, citywide, countywide and statewide projects and collaborations involving diverse stakeholder groups requiring strong public/private/policymaker interface. Services include collective visioning, customized retreat planning and facilitation, board/staff orientations, stakeholder and advisory board recruitment, focus group coordination, surveys, community or stakeholder conversations, mission development, partnership building, team building, collaborative strategic planning and joint program implementation. SVLLC is also available for development of white papers and major reports.

Collaborative Strategic Planning
SVLLC has coordinated strategic planning efforts for several nonprofits over the past fifteen years, preparing new boards for major grants and capital campaigns or helping organizations deal with unexpected or difficult transitions.

In 2007-2008, SVLLC assisted Allan Hancock College with its strategic planning effort. The collaborative process engaged hundreds of faculty, administrative and staff constituents in numerous stakeholder groups, and included online and paper surveys, group work and interviews with employers and the community.

SVLLC principal Victoria Conner is currently leading development of the California Space Enterprise Strategic Plan 2010-2012 for the California Space Authority (CSA), an effort involving over 200 statewide, senior-level public and private space stakeholders representing over 100 organizations. Conner has led CSA’s collaborative statewide space strategic planning since 1998, now supporting the completion of the fourth California space enterprise strategic plan.

Joint Organization Collaborative Program Design/Coordination/Integration
In 2006, SVLLC designed for a client a successful grant effort to develop the “California Innovation Corridor”, a partnership of 42 funded partners spanning 13 counties. Partners included economic development entities, Workforce Investment Boards, executive-level State education partners, industry, nonprofits, consultants and small business who worked together over three years on 25 different projects in the areas of innovation support, supplier competitiveness and talent development. SVLLC supported its client by coordinating a “Project Leads Forum” during the Corridor effort, convening the leads of the 25 projects to ensure coordination, cross-talk and integration of results. SVLLC also recruited and periodically convened both a statewide Supply Chain Industry Group and a statewide Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Collaborative Action Plan (STEM CAP) steering committee, mounting statewide forums for each.

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