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Stakeholder EngagementStakeholder EngagementToday’s world is characterized by increasing interdependence and interface among diverse stakeholder groups with sometimes dramatically different interests or perspectives. In this environment, identifying the stakeholders who hold the keys to organizational, project or partnership success is an essential first step in any planning or implementation effort. Designing a process in which current stakeholders, and those added along the way, can become true planning and implementation partners is critical to avoiding future issues. It also is crucial to fostering sustainable innovation and strategic vitality. Recognizing the importance of stakeholder recruitment and engagement and leveraging the collective intention, experience and intellectual capital of stakeholders can ensure organizational, project or partnership success.

Stakeholder EngagementStrategic Vitality LLC principal Victoria Conner has helped numerous nonprofit, industry, and public-sector entities identify, recruit and engage appropriate stakeholder groups. For information regarding stakeholder recruitment, engagement, or focus group facilitation, contact Conner:

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